À la carte virtual training

à la carte is the practice of ordering individual dishes from a menu in a restaurant. And now, Vulcan has applied the same model to product training!

On the first and third Thursday of each month at 1pm EST, Vulcan will air a live cooking segment to highlight the Vulcan Difference. From fryers to ranges to braising pans and every type of cooking equipment in between, join us for a fast-paced culinary learning experience.

Final Braising Pan a la carte for landing page

Braising Pans

Watch Chef Pete utilize the Vulcan VG30 Braising Pan to make several styles of mac & cheese – including cafeteria-style, banquet and fine dining.
Topics covered:

  • Standard features including folding stand support and embossed gallon & liter markings
  • Faucet accessories to optimize equipment use – faucets ease filling the pan and cleaning
  • How to clean a Braising Pan


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online a la carte April 15 Finishing Ovens_1

Finishing Ovens

Learn about the benefits of a finishing oven and how to execute a delicious menu with this useful piece of kitchen equipment. Menu items include shrimp scampi, crab cakes and pan-seared filet. 

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April 1 a la carte Upright Broilers Upload

upright broilers

Vulcan’s broad line of broilers includes Single Deck Range-Matched Upright Broilers, Double Deck Broilers and Chophouse Broilers. Watch Chef Bruce broil crab cakes, cod fish and filet mignon – very quickly. 

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Range Tops a la carte aired 03-04-2021

range top versatility 

To execute their menu, chefs often seek versatility in their cooking equipment. Learn about Vulcan’s range top types, including open top burners, standard and VTEC infrared charbroilers, and French tops. 

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